Fall – the year’s last smile 

“Eye catchy colours, denim looks, coffee, dim lights, crisp air and flushed cheeks.

We all live for autumn, the year’s last smile.”

No matter where you are from, no matter what you call it; autumn/fall is the most beautiful time of the year. The crunch of orange and red leaves that have carpeted the streets. The numerous walks you can take in the the cold and fresh air while the sun beams and sets the most beautiful light.
However, this season is all about celebrating the individuality of style through the multitude of trends waiting to be worn. But isn’t that a difficult task? Choose the best and most appropriate from your closet for this season? Somehow we struggle to decide what to wear, when all that come to our mind are red, rustic oranges, earthy olive greens and muted browns for the fall. And with the advent of this glorious season, these are the four outfits that I felt like putting together into a fall-perfect look that you can surely wear to a party, a day out with your girls as well as to a date with your guy.

Look 1 :

Denim Refresh – Denim has taken the centre-stage, as it tops the trend list this season. Denim on denim has been in trend the most, but it will only stand out if you can pull it off well. I paired my denim jacket with a black crop top and black high-waist jeans.

Denim jacket : SheIn_official

Crop top : Faballay (Myntra)

Jeans and heels : B.K market (kolkata)

Look 2 :

Long Layer – Layering is always fun and popular for fall as an easy way to dress for the constantly changing temperature. The long, lightweight coats or shrugs can be worn over anything from jeans to dresses. Layer your casual tops and jeans with colourful scarfs. Like I layered my LBD with a long muted grey shrug and a pair of heels with a subtle makeup.

LBD : H&M (undivided collection)

Shrug : New York (local store)

Stilettos : B.K. Market (kolkata)

Look 3 :

Colour and Glamour – This season is all about colour, prints and glamour. A simple printed peplum top layered with a scarf or a jacket and you’re all ready to stand out of the crowd with this simple layering. Also if you know about any site/place where I can find a scarf for this top do DM me on my instagram.

Peplum top : New York (local store)

Jeans and bellies : B.K.market (kolkata)

Look 4 :

Couch Florals – Vintage floral prints are found on everything from casual tops to princess gowns. Fall is incomplete without florals so yes I paired my florescent off-shoulder top with a black denim and completed the look with a choker.

Off-shoulder top : New York (local store)

Jeans and bellies : B.K market (kolkata)

So are you ready to look drop dead gorgeous this fall with some simple yet eye catching colours? What do you think about the looks I styled up and will you try similar looks this season? Do let me know in the comments section below or direct message me on my instagram profile. Until then stay perfect in your imperfections.

Much love! 💋

Location : Rush’r Cafe (kolkata)

Hair and Make-Up – Needa Ali

The Polka Affair

Two best friends, a lazy saturday afternoon and a lot of time in hand. What to do? The one thing girls love to do the most, dressing up! Our favourite thing to do since childhood, Isn’t it?

But, don’t you all find it difficult, to select one perfect dress out of so many? Sitting in front of the cupboard, room all messed up. We tried out almost every piece but didn’t find a perfect one to set the mood. Until I saw this polka dotted shirt lying in one corner of her cupboard.

Polka dot
has had an enduring love affair with fashion. It has been one of the trends that though not stealing the spotlight all the time, has ardently straggled in the background. It might go down one season but they are never going to go out of fashion. They are always fun and add on element of playfulness to a design.The pattern evokes a sense of nostalgia, instantly conjuring a flirty and retro imagery. You must have been dressed in polka dots as a child. And while there can be something wistfully nostalgic about wearing them now, it’s universal appeal and style quotient makes it one trend to watch out for.
One look at its timeline is proof enough – Be it year 1926, when for the first time Miss America was photographed in a polka dot swim suit 👙 to the year 1928, when Disney introduced Minnie-Mouse in a red polka dot dress and a matching bow 🎀 to today’s alluring and popular designs on runways and red carpet events. The pattern promises to add a playful element to your real life wardrobe with a grown-up guise.
It’s a style for all seasons, as it excludes the undeniably adolescent flair, and yet remains an incredibly timeless option for girls. These patterns can be audacious and vibrant or soft and ethereal in design. Polka dots are fashion must haves, for every girl. So, how do you wear the polka-dot without looking overly mawkish? 💁

I have paired this polka-dot shirt with a blue high waist denim and white shoes. (didn’t find any other option in the wardrobe) But, you can go for block heels or pumps for a better look. Though polka dots are not counted in formals, the design of this shirt makes it perfect to be worn for interviews. You can always give it a shot. (try this out with a pencil skirt and a pair of pumps) 👠👠
(TBH, she’s my maasi, though she looks much like my younger sister.) 🙊

Do tell me how you found this post and also lemme know if you have any suggestions or ideas. Until then stay perfect in your imperfections.

Much love. ❤

The life of the mind 3.0

Hey beautiful!

Starting my post with an apology. I know I have been away from my blog for quite some time now and also from my social media, not out of choice but for something unexpected that happened. Life is unpredictable, you never know what’s coming your way. A lot had been happening since a month or two but then I couldn’t let my hard work and all your love to go on a waste.

Since this is my last post on college look let me just tell you why I chose this title for my college post. Any guesses?

Okay! The life of the mind as the title says we have always wanted to live a life that we have thought of, from school to college a lot of things change. Sitting with our group we all have discussed and fantasized about the life we want as a teenager. And as a fresher there is always excitement among girls entering into college in the best way they can. I have been there, and I know what it feels like. Being in the last year of my graduation I can count in what I have actually gained and lost in the past two years. So I wanted to share few things with you all that will be helpful for you to get through this phase with your smile emoticon.

1. Always choose comfort over style.

2. Do tag along a watch because you can’t always pull out your phones amidst the boring lectures if and when you attend.

3. Wearing heels and climbing up to sixth floor can be tiring. Choose flip flops, ballerinas and shoes over heels.

4. Carry a medium sized bag so you have a hands-free travel.

5. Focus on your life and career goals, always.

6. Keep your own life, happiness, and career above everyone and everything.
Coming to the look, I keep adding various flavours to myself as I firmly believe that variety is the spice of life and no matter how many western outfits we own and wear, there is nothing more comfortable and elegant as an ethnic outfit. The most endearing quality of an Indian woman would perhaps be the range of apparels that she adorns. So for my third look I chose a simple kurta and leggings (the most comfortable piece that I have in my wardrobe) and completed the look with a statement earrings and some bangles. I have kept the look as simple as I could. But there’s always a room for experimenting your outfit as ethnic comes in vibrant colour, patterns and designs. The kurtas, casual or chic, paired with churidar, pants, patiala, leggings, salwar or jeans are as hot and happening as it gets. Make sure you have a diverse collection of kurtas based on fabric and style.


I hope this blog helped you solve all your problems. (If you happen to miss out on my last two blogs on college look you can read them : here and here.) And if there’s still something on your mind do let me know, I’ll surely help you with that. Don’t forget to write your thoughts and suggestions below in comments section. All the best beautiful and do enjoy your college days.

Kurta :
 FBB – India’s fashion hub

Bag and mojris : New Market (Kolkata)

Earrings : amazon