Sabyasachi’s Autumn Winter 2017 Couture Jewellery collection 

Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the one designer who is on almost every bride’s list. Afterall, what can be more elegant, heart-stealing and royal than a Sabyasachi Lehenga for a bride-to-be? Sabyasachi is a virtuoso of the bridal couture, whose remarkable exquisites, convoluted designs, the touch of velvet, detailed karigari and those dreamy colours not only make him India’s best designer, but people admire and recognise him throughout the world for his work. His designs are a personalised imperfection of the human hand and he describes his collection as “an International styling with an Indian soul.”

In the last few years, he has turned his eyes towards jewellery and his mesmerising embellishment creation evokes images of ancient and medieval India. He released the preview for his Autumn Winter 2017 Couture Jewellery collection on 20th july on instagram.
While going through the preview, I recalled an incident where someone asked me, “What will be the term that makes you say ‘yes’ to a man’s proposal?” And without even a second thought I said, “Buy me Sabyasachi’s Lehenga and I’m all yours.” (The answer left my friends dumbstruck for a moment) 🙈🙈
To be honest, I have a dream list pinned in my cupboard and to be a ‘Sabyasachi bride’ tops my list. *stupid smiles* 😁 As a teenager I have always fantasized about this. But with time you grow up, and now I JUST DON’T WANT IT, I WANT TO EARN IT. There’s a difference in want and earn. Rather than waiting for someone else to gift it to me, I’ll chase my dream, work for it and gift it to myself one day.
Here are some of my personal favourites from the debut :

Ranisahiba’s Diamonds :

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The Baroda Collection :

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A Random Assortment Of Statement Neck Pieces :

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The Heritage Collection : Maximalist-Minimalist :

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Devi – Bridal :

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Gulkand – Couture Bridal :

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 The Indian Earth :

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The  preview is divided into different segments. Each and every work is stitched with a different story and will take you to a dreamland. I still can’t get over this collection. And I’m sure you all will love it too. Share your thoughts and views in the comments section. (Do check their official instagram page for more pictures and videos)
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The Black Fanatic

First of all, Thank you all for showing so much love and support on my first post. And I hope to get the same love and support on all my posts. So today’s post is all about the Black Maxi Dress I recently bought.

The color black itself is a statement. Every coin has two faces – positive and negative. Likewise “Black is modest and arrogant. Black is lazy and easy, but mysterious. But above all black says this : I don’t bother you, don’t bother me.” According to the Indian mythology Black represents darkness and thus not considered as an auspicious color. But fashion always spearheads itself to be a unique statement.
And! And! If you people remember Gabriel Channel once said, “Black reveals a woman’s radiance. It trumps all.” Black is the most fashionably popular color, a mark of elegance and the one that goes with everything. Black creates  sense of mystery and keeps things to itself, hidden from rest of the world. It can be mixed and matched with any hue to create a masterpiece. Don’t you all believe this to be true?

No matter how much I try not to pick up black clothes while shopping, I end up choosing one. So when it comes to my closet it is almost full with color black, be it beautiful black shirts, T-shirts (formal and informal), trousers, LBD and the most favoured and elegant piece : the maxi dress, which is a must have in a girl’s closet!

The one I’m wearing for my new blog is a perfect outfit to meet the so called sexy, classy and alluring look for a perfect date or a cocktail party. I have paired this one with a brown stiletto and a small diamond stud, which I borrowed from my mom. (I often loose my earrings so she wasn’t actually ready to give that to me but I somehow managed to convince her) 🙈

And about the makeup I have just done the basics with winged eyeliner and a bright red lips.
Dress : Forever21

Stiletto : B.K. Market (Kolkata)

Do tell me how you found this post and also lemme know if you have any suggestions or ideas. Until then stay perfect in your imperfections.

Much love. 😘

Why Paradise of Imperfections?

Firstly, lemme take you through a fast introduction of myself. Hello everyone, I’m Awantika Singh, a 21 year old girl from kolkata, currently pursuing Bachelors of Commerce. A girl who has never really been confident of the way she looked and always had insecurities with her body. Paradise of Imperfections came about as an expression of myself and all the beautiful souls I know around me. 

I believe a lot tells about you by your blogs name, mine, Paradise of Imperfections, is so called because ‘Paradise’ is referred to a place that seems to be Perfect; a place which is desired by all. Paradise symbolises Perfection. But are the things actually perfect? No, at least not according to me. I personally believe there’s nothing ‘perfect’ on the earth. We never have a say of choosing the type of body we were born with. We are all born with some imperfections and that is what makes us beautiful. Isn’t it?
“We are imperfect yet perfect and beautiful in our own ways.” But do we actually believe so? Sometime or the other we have judged. We have mocked. We have humiliated. We have hurt. And the same has been done with us. But, little have we ever cared to realise how our judging, mocking, humiliating can tear apart a person’s self-confidence. How our own insecurities are the reason behind condemning someone. Our body, height or the way we look never seem perfect to us. And instead of cherishing our imperfections we resort to find fault in others.
I consider myself Different. Just Like You. And all we need to do is stop worrying so much and learn to appreciate, embrace and be grateful for being a glorious mess. Earth is a paradise of imperfections and we need to realise how Be-You-tiful we are just being us.
My blog is the paradise for connecting to all the imperfect souls with my love for fashion and all the things related to it!
I hope you all loved my first blog. Feel free to give your feedback and share your opinions. Hoping to get better with each post.

Have a great day. ❤

Much love. 😘