Happy New Year!

“She understands and has come to the terms that her passion will rip her apart.”

2017 has been a beautiful year, I have loved, I have lost, had so many learning experiences. But most importantly 2017 was an year of self worth; it taught me self-love and self-care is not selfish, it’s important. I changed as an adult. Evolved as a person. I learned that the spiritual journey had nothing to do with being nice. It’s about being real. And in this space of self-care being nice just happened, it flowed not motivated by fear but love.  I did what pleased me or made sense to me. From all the happy to sad moments, I’ve been my best company this year. I learned, not everyone will stay with you forever, but it’s you who will be there for yourself whether it’s 3a.m. and you’re crying on your bathroom floor or 5 in the afternoon when you’re dancing on your favourite song all by yourself. You need to know that, at the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got. 2017 has been a year full of learning experiences and I’m thankful for all the lessons it taught me.

It has always been a difficult task to express myself and my thoughts but today I tried to pen them down here. TBH, I have never been this excited for new year because it’s just like any other day for me. But this year I have some different vibe, like I read in the blog of one of my favourite bloggers – “it’s just the anxiety of new beginning, of a crisp, untouched page of a brand new look.” During this time of the year, all of us are usually filled with a lot of mixed emotions and I can’t tell how much I needed some motivation to work towards the goals I couldn’t complete in ’17.  I believe in vibes and energies, so whenever something new starts it’s important to start it with a positive mindset.

I have a dream list hung in my cupboard so that whenever i open it, it reminds me of what ‘goal’ I have to work for in the long run and what I have already achieved. 

But I thought to start off with something new in the coming year. A ritual suggested and inspired by Masoom Minawala (misstylefiesta). It’s a secret ritual as she says; named ‘WISH JAR’ (Read her full blog here)

About the ingredients – you need an air tight jar or a box with a lid, chits of paper, pen and a peaceful corner in your home.

Here’s how I will work on my goals differently, I have taken 12 chits for 12 months and on each chit wrote down what I ‘wished’ for in the coming year. Right from the life changing situations to materialistic demands, to emotions i wished to feel. Then put it all into this little jar and hide it somewhere no-one would find it and literally forget about it for the rest of the year.

Now that I’m starting off with this new ritual I will know where I stand at the end of the year. How many dreams I could turn into reality and how much I still have to work for. I’m excited to do mine this year. 

I’m stepping into 2018 with more confidence and smiles for the new change that’s awaiting for me. What about you?

I would love to know what do you think about this ritual and the new year that’s awaiting for you to bring some beautiful and impactful changes in your life in the comments below.

I wish you the best for your new year.

Spread positivity and forgiveness!

Love to all. ❤


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