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I hope you have been doing well. It’s August already! I still can’t believe that half a year is over and guess what it’s the time when we start preparing for the new college year to begin. You’re about to live the life you have always thought of, the life that you have discussed with your friends when you were in school. Yes! You’re about to switch from ‘Bata to Catwalk’, from those ‘boring school uniforms to colourful outfits’. Exciting, isn’t it? But with all this you are about to make a shift from friendly school to rude college. The school has its share of tormentors and creeps but trust me, college is another fiend. College plays a vital role in one’s life, in shaping and exploring the inner self of a person, by letting you connect to the world in a different way. People here will be more envious, more judgemental and more fake though exceptions are always there. There will be people with every materialistic thing better; better clothes, better bags, better shoes, better mobiles. And to be honest, it will hit you in gut, at first. But darling, never feel inferior, because you’ve something that others don’t. You have the personality. You’ve the brain.  You’ve the words. You’ve the aura. And about beauty, well, I know how you look will matter more now. Don’t try to be their kind of beautiful because they don’t know what real beauty is. Beauty is how perfect you’re in your imperfections. Materialistic things shine, but inner beauty glitters more than gold.

Coming back to where I was, when thinking of putting outfits together for College, while keeping in mind the dressing code, weather and also looking cute we all have faced the dilemma of, “What should I wear?” or “How should I carry myself?” So here is a small solution for all you beautiful ladies. Being a college student, I have always kept myself simple yet eye-catching (Well personally I love to be so.) *silly smile* 

Today I have put together a look that you could wear to college that will not only be comfortable, but really fun and stylish too! I have paired a slouchy tee (fbb – India’s Fashion Hub) with a high-waisted denim and a pair of sneakers. To elevate the look, I wore a scarf (picked up from new market – Kolkata) as a headband and got everything together by adding a fastrack watch. Complete the ensemble with a cute backpack and you’re all ready to go.

I’d love to know how you people liked this outfit. And I’m sure it will be a hoot and heed for more college look. So I’m hoping to do more of this now. Coming up with a new look soon. Until then stay perfect in your imperfections. And don’t forget to subscribe and write your thoughts on this look below in the comments section.
Much love! 😘

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  1. The pictures are really good💞

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