Firstly, lemme take you through a fast introduction of myself. Hello everyone, I’m Awantika Singh, a 21 year old girl from kolkata, currently pursuing Bachelors of Commerce. A girl who has never really been confident of the way she looked and always had insecurities with her body. Paradise of Imperfections came about as an expression of myself and all the beautiful souls I know around me. 

I believe a lot tells about you by your blogs name, mine, Paradise of Imperfections, is so called because ‘Paradise’ is referred to a place that seems to be Perfect; a place which is desired by all. Paradise symbolises Perfection. But are the things actually perfect? No, at least not according to me. I personally believe there’s nothing ‘perfect’ on the earth. We never have a say of choosing the type of body we were born with. We are all born with some imperfections and that is what makes us beautiful. Isn’t it?
“We are imperfect yet perfect and beautiful in our own ways.” But do we actually believe so? Sometime or the other we have judged. We have mocked. We have humiliated. We have hurt. And the same has been done with us. But, little have we ever cared to realise how our judging, mocking, humiliating can tear apart a person’s self-confidence. How our own insecurities are the reason behind condemning someone. Our body, height or the way we look never seem perfect to us. And instead of cherishing our imperfections we resort to find fault in others.
I consider myself Different. Just Like You. And all we need to do is stop worrying so much and learn to appreciate, embrace and be grateful for being a glorious mess. Earth is a paradise of imperfections and we need to realise how Be-You-tiful we are just being us.
My blog is the paradise for connecting to all the imperfect souls with my love for fashion and all the things related to it!
I hope you all loved my first blog. Feel free to give your feedback and share your opinions. Hoping to get better with each post.

Have a great day. ❤

Much love. 😘

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  1. I appreciate your thoughts

  2. You are soon going to nail it😘
    Keep up the hard work❤️

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